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Here are a few simple things you can do immediately to be more active in your faith and to make a difference in our community. These are just some of the many ministries in our parish community.

Feed hungry children around the world

Help feed the poorest of the poor in the developing nations. Bring an item of food to church to support of Dr. Simone’s Canadian Food for Children.

Feed the poor of Toronto

Make a simple tuna casserole for the guests at the Good Shepherd Centre on Queen Street. We provide the recipe and a pan. Contact: Eva Trace.

Build community

Enjoy coffee with other parishioners after the 10:00 am Sunday Liturgy. This is a great way to meet other parishioners and the friars. Our parish becomes a community one relationship at a time.

Support our good works

Donations are the sole source of parish funding. Your donations support a broad range of ministries in our community. You can donate using Sunday Offering Envelopes or through our Automatic Debit Program. Keep our mission and vision alive and remember us in your will.

Make time to participate

You can make a difference to yourself and other parishioners by simply coming to mass and participating in other community celebrations and events.

Speak up

Share your ideas. They may fit into our parish Mission and Vision. Be ready to help put your ideas into practice. We are always looking for volunteers.